Sunday, June 21, 2009

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The Meeting Place

This image shows the meeting place hanging from
the bridge with a conference like table in the centre.
This space was supposed to have a neutral yet modern
feel with the frame work on the windows representing
the shape of an eye as this is an area where powerful
insights should take place.


Pathway Perspectives

Exp3 Developed Design

The Scheme for the design was to have a noble, historical
and government orientated building for barack obama
which is the top space to give a sense of power and diplomacy.
I tried to achieve this with neutral materials, carinthian columns
and a multi panelled ceiling.

Barack Obamas office: Below

Madonna's space was intended to be two Disco
like buildings which would resemble a dance floor.
I wanted this space to be more artistic, creative and modern.

Exp3 Marking Schedule

Exp3 Perspectives